Exploring the abandoned Cwm Coke Factory, Wales

cwm coke factory


Earlier this year I decided to visit a location closer to home in South Wales. It was also the first time I had gone with a friend which is probably the safer way to go urban exploring.

cwm coke factory

Getting in wasn’t easy, primarily due to the sound of a booming dog in the background which made me nervous, as well as straight roads which made it easy to be spotted.

cwm coke factory

With the ground being completely saturated, it was difficult to get a full explore of the factory, which was disappointing because it is possible to climb up some of the larger buildings. So for the moment you will have to put up with the pictures on here!

cwm coke factory

cwm coke factoryHistory

Originally called ‘Cwm Colliery’, coal extraction started in 1914 from two shafts called Margaret and Mildred which were over 750 yards deep. We weren’t able to get to the two ladies this time as the weather started to turn. Also it turns out that an abandoned factory provides good acoustics for a giant dog.

The National Coal Board invested heavily in the factory, with £9 million spent between 1952 and 1960 to re-develop the site.

The National Coal Board closed the colliery in 1986, and Cwm Coke works in 2002.

cwm coke factory

cwm coke factory

I’m a bit disappointed we weren’t able to see more of the factory, especially the large buildings. Being terrible with heights can inhibit the success of an explore so I’m hoping to go back and get some more interesting pictures of the imposing buildings.

cwm coke factory

cwm coke factory

For some amazing pictures of the rest of the factory check out:


One thought on “Exploring the abandoned Cwm Coke Factory, Wales

  1. I haven’t long been there myself and quite frankly the dog wouldn’t stop barking(no sign of it).Although after awhile I got into the site after some snooping around. Some parts of the plant are blocked off I’m guess it’s due to the odd pools by the grade 2 cooling towers. The groans and quakes were unsettling whilst I explored the various buildings. I was surprised that the two stone towers are standing after all this time. I was looking for some photos from a high angle, it’s not impossible just clamber up the coal belts that lead to the top of the tower. The view from there was amazing although lighting wasn’t the best but hey.

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