A visit to GKN Shadow Factory: Video

GKN Shadow FactoryAfter walking around with a flip cam in Belmont Row I decided to try out a go pro and take another visit to the GKN factory.

Thankfully having a headcam meant that there was a smaller chance of tripping over some debris and shredding my hands, maybe they could work that in to their marketing somehow.

Anyway the weather was amazing and I took a good look around. I still haven’t managed to find the tunnel system but I’ll keep looking and maybe find some other urban explorers who I could join.

I have to say this was one of my favourite visits and am really happy that I can share it with you.


6 thoughts on “A visit to GKN Shadow Factory: Video

  1. I find your work extremely interesting, especially being a local who loves urbex photography but has somehow missed most of these. I don’t suppose you would be willing to be interviewed for my final year project on why people are willing to take risks in order to snap abandoned buildings? Let me know if you are interested 🙂

  2. Very nice pictures! After reading this me and a friend decided to visit the sight as well, and we managed to come across the tunnel system (which is down a stairway inside one of the rooms in the main building). Amazingly, they are very accessible and from what we explored completely dry. Admittedly we didn’t go far into them as their is no lighting and all we had where phone lights.
    From looking through your pictures, I’m interested if your aware about the other areas of the site, which you may have not come across or possibly just not photographed… Directly across from the main building there are fences with various bushes behind. If you manage to climb through them, there is an entire hanger with walls and ceiling intact, where greenery has grown all across the ground creating an amazing scene of industry and nature. If you haven’t ran into that, I highly recommend another visit, its very surprising.
    Anyways, well done on the article, its fascinating. I look forward to seeing your future explorations into abandoned places. In light of reading your article on the Belmont co-op factory, I’m thinking of checking the place out, wish me luck!

    1. No point bro, the entire site has been cleared now for redevelopment. Also a word of advice, don’t ask for locations, its border line offensive. People who paint or do urbex work hard to find places like these so we don’t wanna let other people know our findings. Plus, the more people seen going into an abandoned sight, the faster it is closed off or completely removed. Happened to nearly all the major factories in Birmingham. :/

      My advice would be to check out places like Walsall, lots of abandoned industry there and they will probably be left untouched seeing as not much people go there…

      1. It has? I’ve been in there a few times and pass it quite a lot on travels to city hospital, entrance is still clear and the building is still there, lots of windows open now though so there’s obviously been more people going in, even some of the rooms in the tunnels below were being ‘cleared’ and marked with ‘tunnel lover’

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