Top five urban exploring hazards

One of the appeals of urban exploring is the inherent dangers that are associated with it. Whether it be finding the site, dodging the authorities or negotiating obstacles, be sure to do some research and be wary of what you might find in each location. Finding/Entering a site Finding an appropriate site to visit is […]

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A visit to GKN Shadow Factory

Walking in to the Shadow Factory site you are initially greeted to a wide vista. Several buildings surround you which lie under the gaze of residential tower blocks in the distance. Oil tars the floor and materials usually seen on a construction site are scattered everywhere. Whether this is an image of its past or […]

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A taste of things to come My taste for derelict buildings started when I visited Berlin in the summer. The city is littered with beautiful abandoned buildings. My curiosity was struck and among the group of people I travelled with, I was the abandoned buildings guy. Not the catchiest nickname, but I took it. Berlinker […]

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